Mahindra Namaste

Mahindra Namaste is a professional skill training venture backed by the Mahindra Group of Companies.

Mahindra Namaste is part of Mahindra Partners, the $750 Million Private Equity division of the Mahindra Group, whose mission is to accelerate value creation through a diversified portfolio of emergent businesses. Mahindra Partners adapts the Group’s unique strengths of constant innovation, prudence and creative business models with a mandate of incubating new ventures for the Group. The division provides growth capital to bring our stakeholders diversified products and services.

Apart from Vocational Education, Mahindra Partners also manages portfolio companies in various industry sectors like Cleantech, Logistics, Steel, Retail, Consulting, Media, Luxury and Speed Boat Manufacturing, and Conveyor Systems.

Designed for the youth of the country the programme trains young men and women (18 to 26 years) in specialised technical and professional skills so they are readily employed into high demand service industries. The Mahindra Namaste offers courses in ITES, Hospitality, Retail and Automotive sectors with a guarantee of direct campus recruitment into reputed companies.

Formed in 2012, Mahindra Namaste Pvt Ltd plans to, from 2013 to 2022, set up at more than 100 training centres of excellence across the country to train 1 million youth and place them in regular jobs with reputed companies.

Create India’s largest and most innovative learning environments that trains and finds jobs for millions of Indian youth.

Train youth in towns and cities with high-demand technical and professionals skills through learning centres of excellence, and find them reputable jobs in the formal sector. All within 90 days.


  • Starting with 1000 students in 2013, transform within 10 years 1 million youth into well established, high earning professionals through specialised employment-ready training and placement services.
  • Establish industry partnerships for relevant and responsive course content development and placements.